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08 October 2014 - The Lancet - Mental Health Interventions in Schools

The number of school-aged children and young people experiencing mental health problems has been estimated at between 8 to 18%, with many more experiencing varying degrees of psychological distress.


Please find the underpinning reasearch papers here

Fazel et al, 2014 - Mental health interventions in schools in low-income and middle-income countries

Fazel et al, 2014 - Mental health interventions in schools in high-income countries

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Nutrition and Mental Resilience in
Children and Adults: 
Feeding Better Health, Wellbeing and Performance

Wednesday 29 October 2014
RCS, London

Such disorders in children often persist into adult life, and may negatively affect academic achievement, relationships, and work. This Series in The Lancet Psychiatry examines the unique role that schools can play in delivering treatment for mental health problems to children, as well as universal mental health promotion. One paper focuses on interventions in high-income countries, and the other on those in low-income countries, with a podcast in which the author of both reviews is interviewed about current mental health provision and the practicalities of implementing more services in schools across the world.