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Mental health interventions in schools in high-income countries

Fazel M, Hoagwood K, Stephan S, Ford T (2014) The Lancet Psychiatry 1 (5) 377 - 387 Elsevier Ltd

Web URL: Please read the full text research paper on The Lancet website here


Mental health services embedded within school systems can create a continuum of integrative care that improves both mental health and educational attainment for children. To strengthen this continuum, and for optimum child development, a reconfiguration of education and mental health systems to aid implementation of evidence-based practice might be needed. Integrative strategies that combine classroom-level and student-level interventions have much potential. A robust research agenda is needed that focuses on system-level implementation and maintenance of interventions over time. Both ethical and scientific justifications exist for integration of mental health and education: integration democratises access to services and, if coupled with use of evidence-based practices, can promote the healthy development of children.