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09 December 2014 - BBC News - Ready meals may count towards five a day

The government is considering adding its "five-a-day" logo to ready meals and tinned foods that contain fruit and vegetables.

Public Health England said it was discussing a range of options on extending use of the branding to help people eat more healthily.

Products would have to meet agreed standards on fat, sugar and salt.

Currently the five-a-day logo can be used only on food or drink that is 100% fruit or vegetable.

Fewer than one in three adults and one in 10 children in the UK eat the recommended five portions a day.

The figures come from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, which does take into account "composite" foods - homemade recipe dishes, ready meals and other manufactured products that contain fruit and vegetables alongside other ingredients.

Now government nutritionists are meeting with academics and food industry experts to decide if rules on the five-a-day logo scheme can be relaxed to include healthy foods that are currently excluded.