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About FAB Research

Food and Behaviour Research (FAB Research), established in 2003, is a charitable organisation dedicated both to advancing scientific research into the links between nutrition and human behaviour and to making the findings from such research available to the widest possible audience. 

Vision Statement

FAB Research aspires to be a local and international leader of scientific research into how nutrition affects the human brain and mind, and an intellectual and strategic force for improving public education and professional practice in this domain.

Mission Statement

FAB Research is committed to improving current knowledge and awareness of the effects of nutrition and diet on human behaviour, learning and mood.

We will accomplish our mission by:

1. Supporting and promoting further world-class scientific research into nutritional influences on brain and behaviour, which often spans the current boundaries between many different academic and professional disciplines.

  • Investigating the links between diet, nutrition and brain function, not only in developmental, psychiatric or neurological disorders but also with respect to behaviour, learning and mood in the general population.
  • Developing novel assessment and diagnostic strategies, therapies, nutritional interventions, and computer-based tools.
  • Conducting our research in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner.
  • Recruiting, supporting and retaining a highly skilled, diverse, multi-disciplinary team of academic and professional members that remains at the cutting edge of research through ongoing communication, education, training and encouragement of creativity.

2. Providing accessible, evidence-based information to other researchers, the public, practitioners and policymakers on the importance of nutrition and diet to brain development and function.

  • Creating a productive forum for the exchange of scientific ideas and knowledge, and developing opportunities for advancing research through cooperation and collaboration.
  • Translating and communicating the best and most recent scientific evidence in order to provide a rational basis for practice and policy. - Making information available to local and global audiences via lectures, seminars, conferences, publications and the internet.
  • Providing education, training, service development and leadership in nutritional approaches to improving child development and mental health.
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