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23 March 2015 - BBC Newsround - Half of kids don't eat veg each day

More than half of kids don't eat a single portion of vegetables a day, according to Newsround's food survey.

The government recommends that everyone should have at least five portions of fruit and veg a day.

But the survey shows 52 in every 100 kids don't have any veg, and 44 in 100 have no fruit on a daily basis.
A third of kids (33%) said they eat unhealthy food more than three times a week.
Almost a quarter (22%) eat sweets or chocolate every day.
More than half (57%) say their diet is healthy including a fifth (21%) who say it's very healthy.
A further 23% have take away or fast food more than three times a week.
Fewer than half of kids (47%) have a home cooked meal each day and half (50%) sit down to eat as a family every day.

The survey was of 1,432 boys and girls, aged 7 to 12, across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also showed that lots of kids are trying to make positive changes to their diet.

What we're eating is a big issue at the moment because one in three kids in the UK is obese or overweight.

That figure has trebled in the last 25 years.