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FAB Research Access Statement

Our philosophy is to build a single site that is accessible to as many people as possible.

Accessibility doesn't just mean writing good web site code. We will endeavour, where possible, to use Plain English, stripped of jargon and colloquialisms, which will help non-native English speakers use our site more effectively.

Low graphics, and text alternatives will allow both sight impaired users, and users of hand-held Internet devices to access our information easily.

Visual Design

This site uses cascading style sheets for visual layout. If stylesheets are turned off, or not supported by your browser, the content on this site can still be accessed and read. All fonts are relative allowing users to resize text if required.

Features to enhance the site's accessibility:

Contact Information

FAB Research, in association with Redstone Websites make every effort to create and maintain a site that is accessible to everyone. However a web site is never static and sometimes pages get modified. If you have problems accessing any page in this site, please contact us stating the address of the page and the problem you encountered.

Or you can write to us at:

Redstone Websites
7 St Germains House
East Lothian
EH21 0PQ

Tel: 01875 853367