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Feeling Stressed? It Might Be Your Liver Calling

Date: 08/04/2023

Liver disease can be a direct cause of mental health symptoms because a compromised liver cannot prevent toxins in the blood from reaching the brain.

Is Some Depression Actually Insulin Resistance?

Date: 02/09/2022

This post summarizes some of the latest science about insulin resistance and how it is a largely unrecognized cause of depression symptoms.

Lack of professional consensus hinders public health communications about processed foods

Date: 29/06/2022

Research suggests that food scientific experts and stakeholders need to quickly reach a consensus when it comes to processed foods to benefit consumers and improve health outcomes.

Risk of obesity is 45% higher among adolescents whose diet is based on ultra-processed food products

Date: 12/04/2022

US population data from 2011-16 show that teenagers with diets high in ultra-processed foods and drinks, vs those with the lowest intakes, were 45% more likely to be obese, 52% more likely to have abdominal obesity (excess fat around the waist) and 63% more likely to have visceral obesity (excess fat on and around the abdominal organs), which correlates closely with risks for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Foods high in added fats and refined carbs are like cigarettes – addictive and unhealthy

Date: 18/11/2021

Ultra-processed foods meet all the same criteria that were used to designate tobacco as addictive

Scientists claim that overeating is not the primary cause of obesity

Date: 13/09/2021

Could the carbohydrate-insulin model point the way to more effective, long-lasting weight management strategies?

This Is Your Gut on Sugar

Date: 22/08/2021

Researchers are finally uncovering the exact ways that sugar disrupts the GI tract

Everyday Wellness Podcast: The Nutritional Battlefield & Debunking Chronic Diseases: How Most Food Has Become Poison with Dr. Robert Lustig

Date: 02/08/2021

Listen to this Everyday Wellness podcast to hear Dr Lustig's take on modern medicine and chronic disease, and learn what you can do to navigate the modern-day nutritional battlefield.

Consumption of added sugar doubles fat production

Date: 16/03/2021

Eighty grams of sugar daily, which is equivalent to about 0,8 liters of a normal soft drink, boosts fat production in the liver.

High fructose intake may drive aggressive behaviors, ADHD and bipolar disorder

Date: 16/10/2020

Excessive sugar intake may cause impulsive behavior associated with ADHD, bipolar disorder and even aggression

Frequent Soft Drink Consumption May Make Adolescents More Aggressive

Date: 25/08/2020

Could reducing soda consumption during adolescence help curb aggressive behaviors?

Your brain on sugar: What the science actually says

Date: 14/11/2019

Dopamine “hits” from eating sugar promote rapid learning to preferentially find more of these foods.

High-fructose and high-fat diet damages liver mitochondria: Increases fatty-liver disease risk and metabolic syndrome

Date: 01/10/2019

High levels of fructose in the diet inhibit the liver's ability to properly metabolize fat. This effect is specific to fructose. Indeed, equally high levels of glucose in the diet actually improve the fat-burning function of the liver.

Sugar's sick secrets: How industry forces have manipulated science to downplay the harm

Date: 11/01/2019

UCSF researchers are scouring the available research to better understand the link between sugar and human diseases, and fighting biased science by exposing industry tactics and educating the public.

22 November 2017 - The Guardian - Sugar industry withheld research effects of sucrose 50 years ago, study claims

Date: 22/11/2017

The link between sugar and increased risk of heart disease is now established, but might have been accepted many years sooner if key findings had been public.

4 January 2017 - The Guardian - Sugar is the ‘alcohol of the child’, yet we let it dominate the breakfast table

Date: 04/01/2017

There’s a reason that the World Health Organisation and the United States Department of Agriculture have provided upper limits of sugar – because dietary sugar fries your kids’ liver and brain; just like alcohol.

Robert Lustig: the man who believes sugar is poison

Date: 24/08/2015

The maverick scientist has long argued that sugar is as harmful as cocaine or tobacco – and that the food industry has been adding too much of it to our meals for too long. A convert hears more about his theory