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Researchers examine how the brain and body respond to glucose and fructose

Date: 05/05/2015

The results suggest that consuming fructose relative to glucose activates brain reward regions and may promote feeding behavior.

Sugar Provides Better Stress Relief Than Aspartame; Why We Eat Junk Food When We're Stressed

Date: 19/04/2015

You can't fool the brain when it comes to real sugar. It's sprinkled into roughly 80 percent of processed food products sold in grocery stores today, which is why consumers may find it to be such a great stress reliever.

19 March 2015 - BBC ONE - The Truth About Sugar

Date: 19/03/2015

It’s everyone’s favourite sweet treat and one of food’s greatest pleasures, but sugar is increasingly being portrayed in the papers as a major health risk.

Want pizza, chocolate, French fries? Highly processed foods linked to addictive eating

Date: 20/02/2015

A new study confirms what has long been suspected: highly processed foods like chocolate, pizza and French fries are among the most addictive.

18 February 2015 - ScienceDaily - Obesity series exposes 'unacceptably slow' progress in tackling soaring global obesity rates over last decade

Date: 18/02/2015

Global progress towards tackling obesity has been "unacceptably slow," with only one in four countries implementing a policy on healthy eating up to 2010, according to a major new six-part Series on obesity, published in The Lancet.

05 January 2015 - MedicalXpress - Fructose more toxic than table sugar

Date: 05/01/2015

When University of Utah biologists fed mice sugar in doses proportional to what many people eat, the fructose-glucose mixture found in high-fructose corn syrup was more toxic than sucrose or table sugar, reducing both the reproduction and lifespan of female rodents.

They have tried to warn us!

Date: 10/12/2014

The truth about sugar is now coming from many directions

12 November 2014 - Medical News Today -Toxic mix of fast-food outlets in inner city neighbourhoods fuelling diabetes and obesity epidemic

Date: 12/11/2014

How close you are to fast-food outlets may be linked to your risk of Type-2 diabetes and obesity a new study led by the University of Leicester has discovered.

“Darwin, Diet, Disease, and Dollars,” - how the costs of excess sugar have overwhelmed the US healthcare system

Date: 10/11/2014

On Thursday, the U hosted Robert Lustig, a professor from University of California, San Francisco, to speak about how the American diet is negatively affecting our health, our wallets and our brain chemistry.

10 November 2014 - New York Times - F.D.A. Must Define, and Enforce, the Term “Natural”

Date: 10/11/2014

Whenever food comes with a health claim on its label, exercise caution. The rules of commercial speech allow companies to say things that are meaningless and misleading.

07 October 2014 - Science Daily - Sugar linked to memory problems in adolescent rats

Date: 07/10/2014

Sugar consumption affected memory and was linked to brain inflammation in juvenile rats, researchers report.

12 September 2014 - KQED News - Berkeley’s Talking About Sugar — And the Conversation Isn’t Sweet

Date: 12/09/2014

In Berkeley, a place where politics is rarely sweet, sugar is an especially bitter topic. Right now it’s the talk of the town – in the form of six conversations leading up to the vote on Measure D, a tax on sugary drinks on the November ballot.

24 August 2014 - The Guardian - Robert Lustig: the man who believes sugar is poison

Date: 24/08/2014

The maverick scientist has long argued that sugar is as harmful as cocaine or tobacco – and that the food industry has been adding too much of it to our meals for too long.

One-third of English adults have prediabetes, study reports

Date: 09/06/2014

Rates of prediabetes have risen sharply in England, and without intervention, the nation may experience a steep increase in diabetes in the coming years, according to University of Florida researchers working with the University of Leicester in England.

3 June 2014 - Time - How Sugar Went From a Condiment to a Diet Staple

Date: 03/06/2014

More and more Americans' meals resemble dessert, and Congress is to blame for our collective national stomachache

11th May 2014 - The Guardian - Sugar is the real enemy, not fat itself, says film targeting obesity

Date: 11/05/2014

US documentary calls for laws to limit consumption of harmful sweeteners hidden in 'healthy' food

Excess sugar consumption leads to a host of diseases

Date: 15/04/2014

Dr. Robert Lustig's YouTube lectures about the dangers of sugar have raised a few eyebrows in recent years and even drawn some criticism.

12 April 2014 - The Grocer - Sugar war professor Robert Lustig plans UK lecture tour during DH policy review

Date: 12/04/2014

US professor credited with launching the war on sugar has announced a UK lecture tour that co-incides with a crucial Dept of Health review of carbohydrate policies

5 March 2014 - BBC News - Sugar tax may be necessary, England's chief medical officer says

Date: 05/03/2014

A sugar tax may have to be introduced to curb obesity rates, the chief medical officer for England has said.