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19 November 2014 - News Medical - Omega-3 benefits may be sustained in early psychosis

Eleanor McDermid

The positive effects of omega-3 supplementation seen in patients at high risk of psychosis in a previous randomised, controlled trial may be sustained, the investigators reported at the International Early Psychosis Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

When followed up a median of 6.7 years after the original intervention, just four (9.8%) of 41 patients in the omega-3 group had transitioned to psychosis, compared with 16 (40.0%) of 40 patients given placebo.

However, lead researcher G Paul Amminger (University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) cautioned that “it will not be possible to make recommendations on the efficacy of omega-3 preventing transition to psychosis until the results have been confirmed in two replication trials.”

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