Food and Behaviour Research

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Autism and ADHD are linked to disturbed gut flora very early in life
How food preferences are linked to cognition and brain health – and why a balanced diet is superior
Ahrens A et al 2024 - Infant microbes and metabolites point to childhood neurodevelopmental disorders
Consistent evidence links ultra-processed food to over 30 damaging health outcomes - including mental ill-health and sleep problems
Lane et al 2024 - Ultra-processed food exposure and adverse health outcomes: umbrella review of epidemiological meta-analyses
Could ultra-processed foods be the new 'silent' killer?
Study provides first evidence of direct impact of serotonin on development of prefrontal cortex
Ogelman R et al 2024 - Serotonin modulates excitatory synapse maturation in the developing prefrontal cortex
Aburto & Cryan 2024 - Gastrointestinal and brain barriers: unlocking gates of communication across the microbiota-gut-brain axis
Sherling D et al 2024 - Newest updates to health providers on the hazards of ultra-processed foods and proposed solutions
Evidence shows risks associated with energy drinks in children
Why Your Brain Hates Junk Food
Fatty foods can impair the body's response to everyday stress, research suggests
The Number-One Worst Food for Your Brain
The potential of polyunsaturated fatty acids in alleviating depression and reducing suicide risk
Sublette E et al 2023 - The role of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the neurobiology of major depressive disorder and suicide risk
Wu et al 2023 - Brain Iron Homeostasis and Mental Disorders.
Baynham R et al 2023 - Fat intake impairs the recovery of endothelial function following mental stress in young healthy adults
Balancing omega-3 and omega-6 impacts cognitive function
Omega-3 may be an “effective add-on therapeutic” for depression