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Critical Brain Nutrients: Mental Health Harms from Dietary Advice - and Potential Solutions - BOOK HERE

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Food and Behaviour Research

Nutrition can play an important role in behaviour, learning and mood. Scientific evidence shows that diet is important not only for physical health, but also for optimal mental development and functioning.

The FAB website offers information on a wide range of conditions such as ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, anxiety, depression and many other physical and mental issues.

The site presents clear and reliable information on the latest research for people who are interested in its practical applications.

As well as our own published papers and factsheets, we regularly trawl through the scientific press to bring you up to date information on the subject of nutrition and behavioural disorders.

FAB Research also aims to promote, support and carry out further scientific research in this area.

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Latest News and Events

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS FAB WEBINAR - Critical Brain Nutrients: Evidence that Current Dietary Advice Harms Mental Health – and Potential Solutions

  • 31 May 2023

World-renowned for his pioneering research into the role of dietary fats in brain health, Dr. Joseph R. Hibbeln presents compelling evidence (1) that current dietary advice is (inadvertently) harming brain health, by increasing the prevalence of key brain nutrient deficiencies, (2) that nutrition may help manage addiction and related mental health problems - including aggression and self-harm, and (3) summarises the best alternatives to fish and seafood for providing adequate intakes of critical brain nutrients.

Eating too much ultra-processed food could induce depression

  • 17 May 2023

New research shows a link between diets high in ultra-processed foods and an increased risk of depression

Study shows how human immune cells react to non-nutritive sweeteners

  • 16 May 2023

"Our results suggest that even an average non-nutritive sweetener intake can affect immune cells in the blood."

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